Jim Panou brings more than thirty years of experience in commercial photography after earning a degree in Applied Photographic Arts at Ryerson University in 1983. Upon embracing the emerging digital revolution in communications and advertising in the early nineties, he has expanded his abilities beyond being a commercial photographer to include photography project designer and field producer, and working in film/video. With broad expertise in all aspects of the digital workflow, Jim maintains a diverse consultancy in pre-press, print design, web design, colour management, logistical planning, and project coordination in international locations. Projects have been undertaken for a wide range of advertising and communications firms, as well as leading fine artists and universities. In recent years, Jim has researched, planned, field produced, and coordinated projects throughout the world for internationally renowned fine art photographer Edward Burtynsky in countries like India, Bangladesh, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Nigeria, Kenya, Malaysia, Canada, USA, and Mexico.

Alterna Savings • Apotex • Bayard Canada • BMO • Canadian Association of Optometrists • Canadian Chiropractic Association • Enbridge • GM • Grand and Toy • Grant Thornton • HSBC • Ikea • Investors Group • Nike • Nestlé Kit Kat • Saturday Night Magazine • Sprint Canada • The Sony Store • The LiveXchange Network • The ROM • The Chang School at Ryerson University • The Studio of Edward Burtynsky • Toronto Life Magazine • UnionGas • University of Guelph • University of Toronto • University of Toronto Magazine

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TL – Team photo of all involved in aerial shoot over Lagos, Nigeria. April 2016
TR – Team photo of Jim Panou, Edward Burtynsky, Noah Weinzweig and Bhawani Singh during the BURTYNSKY WATER project, at the Panna Meena stepwell in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. April 2010
BL – Mike Reid, Edward Burtynsky and Jim Panou at Kenya Ivory Burn. April 2016
BRAnthropocene Film team photo of Mike Reid, Edward Burtynsky, Nicolas Jolliet, Nick de Pencier and Jim Panou at Kenya Ivory Burn. April 2016